About Us

Sparkk-space.com is owned by Mary “Condo” Anna

Sparkk-space.com as the name says it focuses on Singapore’s investment landscape, it provides an utmost inspection into high quality dividend stocks such as reits, telcos, banks and business trusts.

Sparkk-space.com also addresses buy term and invests the rest concept as he is a firm believer on doing your own investments are usually cheaper and more profitable.

Mary Condo enjoys re-decorating her home space up to 5 times a wekk. Her guests often gushes about her couch being at a different spot in the living room each time they visit, sometimes even back facing the television set! May believes the frequent change in furniture placement allows her a stronger aura in finding high quality dividend stocks.

Sparkk-space.com can easily help equip you with the best stock recommendations in the market, led by Mary’s keen sense of aura. Wait no further and contact at admin@Sparkk-space.com.

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